Starkey Printing Company was co-founded by W.C. Starkey and W.D. Gilman,

President of Gilman Paint Company. The company's original building was an old

two story brick building located at 733 East Main Street in Chattanooga, TN.

A few years later, Mr. Starkey approached Mr. Gilman with a buy/sell agreement

to which Mr. Gilman agreed. Starkey continued to print the Gilman paint labels

for 60 years.





                                             The company moved operations to it's present location of 2710 East 30th Street in 1951.

                                             On July 25, 1962, the company suffered a devastating fire that challenged it's very existence.

                                             The fire was of unknown origin and gutted the inside of the plant. It was from these ashes that

                                              the modern day Starkey Printing Company was built.





After W.C. Starkey died in 1982, his son Glenn became President, however 18 months later, Glenn also died leaving the company to his widow, Francis Starkey. In 1985, the company was sold to the George McMillan family of Chickamauga, GA. Upon buying the company, George was joined by his oldest son, Garnett who was appointed President and a lifelong friend, John Shadden who assumed the role of Sales Manager.




Garnett McMillan continued in his role until November 1990. At that time, JW Henson, a former company manager, returned to oversee the business along with Mr. Shadden, William Case and Ron Cooper. Mr. Henson retired in 1992. A few years later, George McMillan's other son, Sandy, retired from the Navy and joined Starkey. In the spring of 1994, the company purchased a four color Komori press which drastically increased sales. With the addition of the new press, new challenges arose leading to the purchase of two additional presses, new folding equipment, a Mueller Martini Stitcher-Trimmer, pocket folder machine and the updating of the prepress department making it totally digital with a state of the art computer to plate system. In April of 1995, George McMillan died after a lengthy illness. Before his death, he honored a handshake agreement with John Shadden allowing him to become a partner in the company. George's son, Sandy became CEO and Chairman of the Board.




John Shadden approached the McMillans about purchasing their shares of the company.

In June, papers were signed making John Shadden and his family sole owners of

Starkey. Several much needed cosmetic changes were made inside and out. The

Starkey logo was changed to resemble the original Starkey logo of 1934 giving it a

retro look.





                                   Starkey Printing Company entered the digital printing world with the acquisition of a Xerox 5000 Digital

                                   Press. Additional equipment purchases such as folding equipment, spiral and twin loop wire mini

                                   binder, and a scoring/creasing machine were made to complement the new press.









Began offering black and white digital output with the addition of two Xerox 4112 black and white digital presses.




Brought Foil Stamping and Blind Embossing capabilities in house through acquisition.




Replaced aging four color, 20" press with Komori 628, 28", six color press.




Production capacity was increased, as well as new services offered by the installation of a Mitsubishi 6F, 40", six color press.













Replaced Xerox 5000 color digital press with new state of the art Xerox 800 color digital press. This move increased the variety of the substrates available for digital printing as well as increased production speed and capacity. The Xerox 800 also added the ability to add spot clear dry ink to our customers designs.

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