Page Layout Applications

Applications used at Starkey Printing Company are as follows:


    InDesign®, Illustrator®, Photoshop®, & Quark Xpress®.


Any page layout files laid out in any Microsoft® application (Word®, Excel®, Powerpoint®, & Publisher®) may incur additional cost.



When a job is trimmed to final size, extra image outside of the trim is needed to ensure no white edges. This is called “bleed”. Starkey’s standard requirement is 1/8” bleed around all edges of page.


Page Layout

All documents, no matter what size, need to be set up as single or facing pages. Please do not create reader or printer spreads as this might incur an additional cost. Page size should be built according to their final print size. A 4-page 8.5” x 11” brochure should be set up on 8.5” x 11” facing or single pages with bleed included in document. Please do not place pages in oversized documents.



When saving PDF’s, please use High Quality or Press Quality as your preset within the “Save” window. Do not optimize for web view. Do not compress your images less than 300 dpi. It is very important to include bleed in your PDF if needed. Do not include marks. For color output, do not use any color conversion. Please embed fonts within the document and do not omit images for OPI.


Die Line

A die should be supplied and assigned a separate die spot color (other than in your color palette) to separate correctly. Your die line should be no greater than 1 pt. in width. Starkey will be glad to build your die at an additional cost.


Folding Panels

Documents that fold inside of each other (tri-fold, roll-fold or gate-fold brochure, etc.) the innermost panels need to be shorter than the others, usually by 1/8” or 1/16”, to ensure that the piece folds flat, and does not bow out.


Rich Black

If using large areas of solid black within your 4-color process document, Starkey recommends using a “rich black” to give the area a rich, black solid look. To achieve this our pressroom has determined that a sufficient breakdown of this rich black as follows:

     40% cyan, 30% magenta, 20% yellow, 100% black.


Support Files

To ensure a smooth workflow, please provide all fonts and support files with your page layout files. Also please convert all color RGB images to CMYK 4-color process.


Color Matching

Please do not rely on your monitor to show accurate photographic color. It works using “transmissive” light. Printing shows color with “reflective” light. There is no way to perfectly match these two processes. If you have any questions regarding your color photos, please call Starkey and their Pre-press department will be glad to help.



In order to assure good quality images, we recommend that all photos submitted be no less than 300 dots per inch (dpi). For bitmapped images, a resolution of 1200 dpi is needed.


Vector Images

Vector images are images composed of lines and curves, such as those created in Illustrator®.


Color Naming/Editing

When using spot colors within any graphic, please use the Pantone® swatch libraries included in the application. It is important to use the same color name - including suffixes (CV, CVU, etc.) and upper/lower case letters for the document to rip properly.



Please send all fonts including screen, printer and all families of the fonts used within the document.


Style Buttons

When style buttons are used on type, they look fine in the application document, but they will not produce properly. For example, if you send a file that uses Times, and the only font supplied is Times (plain), then any type that uses the style button for BOLD will not become BOLD when produced. However, if Times Bold is supplied, then any text in Times that has the Bold button selected will produce properly. If possible, do not use the style buttons at all, because if you don’t have a Bold or Italic version of a font, the font cannot be made Bold or Italic properly.


Hard-copy Proofs

We ask that, when possible, a full-size copy of your document(s) be provided with your files. If the final piece is larger that your laser printer’s capabilities, please reduce your proof proportionately. This will allow proper comparison of our proof to yours.


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